It is often said that “life is short ” there’s no time to leave important word’s unsaid with that in mind ,i would like to write to you in hopes that you know how important you are to me while i still have the chance to express it. The amount of love i have for you is out of this world . Not only do you guide me through life,but you provide me with the perfect image of what to look up to with everything you have faced in your life,and the strength you have developed,proves to me that when life is tough i can be tougher . You also let me now it is okay to cry sometimes in life,being tough is not the only opinion. It is nice to know that in those breaking moments, i have a mother like you to lean. I know we are far away but it doesn’t matter. I hope that i do not disappoint you,there is nothing i would hate more than letting you down because you have always lifted me up . Everything you have done for me and everything you will do ever do for me , i could never thank you enough . There are no words to let you know exactly how thankful i am. You have been here for me and i hope it is safe to say you will always be. Even when life gets busy I’ll Always make room for you . I hope you always understand that i will always need my mum ,no matter how old i become . You carried me in your belly until i was ready to be held in your arms and now you carry me in your heart . Know that you are in my heart too.

I love you mum

Your first child


Published by Lazyblogger_

Hello! Bonjour! Bawo ni! I could go on and on in other languages saying it but let me save you the luxury(lol) . I'm Arike Samuel,a poltical science student and BLVCKLAZYBLOG is my brainchild. Welcome to my blog! I define myself as undeniably human and capable of many things. I'm a creative explosion that explodes anywhere and everywhere I find myself.well, this proves that and guess what? This is only the tip of the iceberg. So pack your bags, let your hair down and put your shades on as we explore the world of Fashion Art and Lifestyle.

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