It’s been a while I apologise for being Mia a girl has school ,a girl has to read a girl has to get good grades but I’ll try my best to stay consistent because the truth is that final hasn’t been easy.

     Let me start off by saying that some people don’t believe in setting resolutions in general,so why do I think style resolutions for 2019 are very important read on guys .Read on.

Generally, resolutions are important because  they help you create a fresh start for a new year,particularly when it comes to your style ,resolutions are the way to go. 

Shopping is great but if you can’t make good use of those items to make a killer outfit you may as well make it rain right into the thrash- Erin Moskal 

You might be heading into 2019 with the hope that this year would be your most stylish year,well I’m here to help you achieve that. This is why I think we all need style resolutions this year,for self discovery through fashion. Style isn’t something that is difficult or exclusive or something you need a lot of training to do. Setting your own style resolutions is a way for you to take control of your closet. Style need not be complicated. It’s not so much about the “what to wear” but the “how to wear it” 

      How do you wear an inscription tees and a palazzo but actually make it look interesting?  Accessories ,you may say ,yes accessories are very germane but there’s more to it . You really need to know how to put these things together and it would actually come out nice .Alright Arike enough of the chitchat,where are the tips for creating STYLE RESOLUTIONS FOR 2019? Look no further, here they are my list of personal style resolutions for 2019.


One very important resolution that we all need to adopt this year is to invest in ourselves,what do I mean by this ? Invest in quality pieces,try giving yourself a limit of 2-3new items a month maybe ,and only quality made sustainably or ethically made items. It may take a bit of practice but eventually you will come to appreciate the less is more approach to shopping. Not so much budget this year? Don’t worry, buying thrift or vintage is a good way to find quality designer pieces. 


When picking out pieces make sure you have solid pieces that you can wear in a variety of scenarios. You want a wardrobe that will take you from work to  dinner without having too many pieces that are only for one type of occasion. For example ,a knee length skirt in a solid color is appropriate for work with a solid color on top but it would also work for brunch with friends  if you add few  accessories. 


It sounds obvious ,but it’s actually very easy to forget what’s sitting in your wardrobe ,and for many of us there would be great pieces hidden away that haven’t seen the light of the day for years,so just before you decide to buy something new make sure that you have a clear idea of the things that are in your wardrobe . If you have a clear out and declutter  you will know what’s in there and this would help in preventing you from buying things you don’t need .


Many of us are in the habit of throwing away some of our things as soon as they are damaged ,just because something is a little bit worn out doesn’t mean it should be discarded . Invest in the pieces that you already have  in your wardrobe. You’ll gain a lot by spending little in fixing those things rather than buying the same thing again and again.

That’s all I have for now guys. So I want you to absorb it, go forth and conquer your style goals for this year .


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