“I am a feminist”
I say this not because I think women   are better than men  or because I hate men.

    Why Feminism?

Because I belive men and women should be treated equally.  I can’t think of a valid reason as to why so seine would be in believe in gender equality .I undoubtedly belive that by there’s grounds everyone should be a FEMINIST. 

    Nowadays, feminism and gender equality are still an issue that will draw attention among the society. Women status is a complex issue and a hard to define subject.I am of the strong opinion that  women in this era are still considered as human beings who are lower status and being the weaker sex. Domestic violence is one of the examples that testified women are lower in status and powerless than men . If you belive in gender equality, you therefore are by definition a FEMINIST .

An integral part of a feminists ambition is for both genders to be regarded as equal in the society . In the society today men have and undoubtedly be glorified and held in high esteem for their accomplishment,character and influence . “Man” has become a symbol of power of masculinity being associated with positive attributes such as intelligence,strength and Control . While feminity as being regarded as weak  and superficial .such an outlook on gender as resulted in an unequal power dynamic and an increasing depreciating view of the woman and her capabilities. Gender equality is highly significant for the world to function well. When one sex believes it’s strength or position is far better than the other than the issue of inequality arises.  . If the word feminism makes a man nervous ,then he should look inside his behaviour ,his history ,his education .why does it make him nervous ? Why should he be threatened by women having choices in all aspect of  their lives . Why should anybody or any man be afraid of feminism ?
I know for a certainty that feminism is not a perfect idea. I am of the opinion yhat feminism needs to exist because it is a germane concept. More so, is the fact that feminism is an essential part for the  fight for equality and as a necessary movement it must be embraced . 

It was amazing collaborating with @mirabelle.o who shares the same thought’s and opinion as mine that so many people are ignorant and are out there creating a trend and piling the concept and idea behind feminism. The aim of this collaboration is to enable people eliminate any form of bias or inequality.  And also to change the notion and attitude that permits the contact harrasement of women  anywhere in the world and also to change the belief that teaches men to be threatened by the presence and success of women. 
Conclusively to eradicate the idea that girls should be demure and boys should be assertive. And  criticises ladies for speaking out and boys for shedding a tear. And change our belief that punishes ladies for their sexuality and rewards men for theirs


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