I know most of you probably think Ankara originated from Africa i used to think that way but after a recent argunent with a friend in school i needed to find out ths origin of this amazing fabric . African fabric print popularly known/called Ankara by many West African culture’s, can be seen as inspiration in many of today’s High fashion. The Ankara fabric is made out of cotton and it’s mostly associated with African countries because it’s patterns are like that of tribal markings . Originally, the fabric was made in EUROPE.

The fabric Ankara use to be a Dutch wax print . It was originally manufactured by the Dutch for the Indonesian fabric market. It gained more recognition from West Africa than the Indonesian’s.  The focus was drawn by the Dutch to West Africa and they seized the opportunity of shifting production to West Africa.

   The Ankara print started to reflect the African lifestyle thereby making the print to become known as an African print . Ankara may be foreign but we’ve made it our own in Africa . So each time you carry that glam Ankara bag, jacket or fab Ankara gown remember that it may be foreign ,but you can still own your style and be the best version of yourself .

  • Stay beautiful

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