Hi,guys I hope you had an amazing week? Today the focus would be on a particular trend that I’ve lovedd and I’m still loving and it’s the “Wrap dress “. I’m sure you all are familiar with the wrap dress but if you aren’t, a wrap dress is a dress with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other, and knotting the attached ties that wrap around the back at the waist of fastening buttons. When I think of a wrap dress Diane Von Furstenberg comes to my mind . This is because she created the iconic wrap dress in 1974 .
    This particular wrap is from JERVCLOTHINGS . One of my favourite 
online store that sells very stylish and affordable clothing for all ages . This wrap dress has been a go-to of mine lately . It’s has stripes with floral pattern which makes me love it even more. I love wrap dresses because it requires little styling which makes it a great choice for a go to look. A go to look is comfortable and convenient when you’re in a hurry or when you’re too tired to pick together a while outfit. 


Currently writing  this blog post  in a BRT bus with my friend  ELPHEMO

    The wrap dress sort of does most of the styling. However you can spice it up a bit by adding accessories to either keeping it casual or making it more glam. You can also spice it up by adding stylish sneakers. A fancy slippers or sandals will give that resort vibe whilst a pair of heels will work for a night out . Do not forget to add a nice handbag to give it that finishing look.


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