Coconut oil  is being heavily promoted as a healthy oil with benefit that includes support of heart health . I was gifted two bottles of coconut oil few months ago by @oilbyo ever since then a lot of change has occurred from my natural hair to skin


 One thing that hasn’t changed  for me is taking care of myself. Self care doesn’t have to be a full blast spa day, complete with a hostone massage ,facial deep tissue . I love skincare products ,especially all natural products. Taking care of your akin is definitely a form of self care. Last month @oibyo sent me two bottles of coconut oil from her all natural collection and I absolutely loved it plus, I have a very dry skin. Even though it was stressful getting it because I wasn’t available for the pick up.  When I finally received it I was eager to unbox and see what it looks like. So cute I received two bottles of  oil like I afro mentioned . Opening it was heavenly for me and the smell was amazing but not too overpowering.

I used it for my body and and hair as you know am a member  of the natural hair gang  plus my hair isn’t soft. It kept my skin moisturised through out the day and hair soft and easy to comb. I would definitely recommend oilbyo  they are effective in keeping skin silky smooth and moisturised without being greasy .

  • You can follow them on instagram: @oilbyo

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Hello! Bonjour! Bawo ni! I could go on and on in other languages saying it but let me save you the luxury(lol) . I'm Arike Samuel,a poltical science student and BLVCKLAZYBLOG is my brainchild. Welcome to my blog! I define myself as undeniably human and capable of many things. I'm a creative explosion that explodes anywhere and everywhere I find myself.well, this proves that and guess what? This is only the tip of the iceberg. So pack your bags, let your hair down and put your shades on as we explore the world of Fashion Art and Lifestyle.

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