In the words of Nadia Rose “Guess who”s back?  But I never left. Arike”s back with a bang tell a friend to tell your other friends. Welcome to my blog, actually this is not my first time blogging I’ve been blogging for a while.I started blogging sometimes last year alongside with a friend but a point I needed to stop,not just that I needed to take a break from alot of things including blogging . I had to stay away from social media for a while too. Understand myself fully and I  needed to be able to make decisions for myself and take responsibility for each and every one of them.

That was a phase when I needed more time to myself . At that time I was a terrifed shell of myself. It was a period that was heady with a mixture of disappointment and heartbreaks through all thisa few people in my life were  my support system.

The best part about that phase was that God came through for me. Asides the fact that I needed to stay away from alot of things,make life changing decisions, I had to boost my confidence believe that I could do something on my own and excel. More importantly I needed to draw close to God. And in the end everything turned out well for me.

  • How do you deal with life challenges? Please comment below .

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4 thoughts on “I JUST WANT TO TALK

  1. the way i deal with my life challenges is trying every means possible to be enthusiastic about anything i do cos facing challenges of life Bomba to Bomba will only lead to a depressed life. so I try to focus more on what the future holds and not what the past brings to the dinning table.

  2. Tho I have many at hand, I try not to over think , think of what have been through so far and believe I’m still alive for a purpose, talk to someone and then watch movies.
    At times we just need to speak and not over think.

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