1.I’m a bit obsessive about cleanliness and personalization .                                                 

2.I’m obsessed with Wilsons Lemonade

3. I love the color brown SO much.  


4.My favourite number is 7 since childhood.

5.I find it extremely difficult to speak my mind .

6.I don’t like people that typ like dis.

7. I really watch movies

8.I hate phone calls they make me nervous.

9.I love God so much,his the reason for my existence reasons why I call him my best friend.

10.And yeah I love being me.

Do we have anything in common? Comment below let me know

Currently listening to “This is me” by keala Settle.

Outfit details

Tees:T.R.A.P (take risk and prosper)@fashwears




12 thoughts on “10  RANDOM FACTS ABOUT ME

  1. Number 10 is the best of all. Being you. Which is my number 1. Being me is what makes me unique and distinct from others. Thanks for making me remember who i am.✌🏾

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