It is often said that “life is short ” there’s no time to leave important word’s unsaid with that in mind ,i would like to write to you in hopes that you know how important you are to me while i still have the chance to express it. The amount of love i have for you is out of this world . Not only do you guide me through life,but you provide me with the perfect image of what to look up to with everything you have faced in your life,and the strength you have developed,proves to me that when life is tough i can be tougher . You also let me now it is okay to cry sometimes in life,being tough is not the only opinion. It is nice to know that in those breaking moments, i have a mother like you to lean. I know we are far away but it doesn’t matter. I hope that i do not disappoint you,there is nothing i would hate more than letting you down because you have always lifted me up . Everything you have done for me and everything you will do ever do for me , i could never thank you enough . There are no words to let you know exactly how thankful i am. You have been here for me and i hope it is safe to say you will always be. Even when life gets busy I’ll Always make room for you . I hope you always understand that i will always need my mum ,no matter how old i become . You carried me in your belly until i was ready to be held in your arms and now you carry me in your heart . Know that you are in my heart too.

I love you mum

Your first child



If someone had told me four years ago that I’ll school in Osun state or even attend Kings university i would have probably laughed so hard that I’ll be rolling on the floor (long story short) im grateful for where i am today ,the school,course,the memories the friend’s I’ve made in the last four years. Honestly, I’d never take this experience for granted. Unuversity has been one of the best part of my life . It has been four years of hardwork and great fun and Its actually a positive thing to do

Again,i attend Kings university and it is located in Osun state. Osun is located in Southern- Western Nigeria . It’s capital is in Osogbo. It is bounded in the north by Kwara state ,in the east partly by Ekiti state and partly by Ondo state, in the South by Ogun state and in the west by Oyo state.

I like this city because it is filled with nature and there’s something about this city that reminds you of your root. Osun state is a city that is rich in culture and nature friendly. I think this city is pretty cool but alot can be done here in terms of development. I was born and raised in Lagos and i left Lagos for the first-time when i was going for my first screening exercise in Benin state. I’m actually used to the Lagos life hence, the reason why i always compare other states to Lagos state. In the last four years i noticed that there isn’t so much recreational centres here in Osun state ,plus i find this city boring to an extent.

The means of transportation here is dead. Most times i always find it difficult getting to my destination . I’d conclude that this city is a work in progress.I’m glad that I’ll be graduating pretty soon and there are certain things I’d love to do just before i graduate. Asides the work load I’m enjoying every bit of final year. The bond I’ve created with certain people is just amazing . This is the last lap and I’m ready to give it my all. Since i have certain things I’d love to do i came up with my FINAL YEAR BUCKET LIST

.1. First thing in my bucket list is to Explore the city of osun state. I really want to visit places like Irin Ijesha water fall and the museum here in Osun state

.2. Dye my hair Green. Done this already and I’ve ticked this out already .

3. Start my thriftstore this final year

Lastly,this final year i really want to sharpen my skills in learning other languages like french. I’ve been making effort and I’m sure it would be worth it.

Ever had a bucket list, what was in it ?


It’s been a while I apologise for being Mia a girl has school ,a girl has to read  a girl has to get good grades but I’ll try my best to stay consistent because the truth is that final hasn’t been easy.

     Let me start off by saying that some people do not believe in setting resolutions in general,so why do I think style resolutions for 2019 are very important read on guys .Read on.

Generally, resolutions are important because  they help you create a fresh start for a new year,particularly when it comes to your style ,resolutions are the way to go. 

Shopping is great but if you can’t around and use those items to make a killer outfit you may as well make it rain right into the thrash- Erin Moskal 

You might be heading into 2019 with the hope that this year would be your most stylish year,well I’m here to help you achieve that. This is why I think we all need style resolutions this year,for self discovery through fashion. Style isn’t something that is difficult or exclusive or something you need a lot of training to do. Setting your own style resolutions is a way for you to take control of your closet. Style need not be complicated. It’s not so much about the “what to wear” but the “how to wear it” 

      How do you wear an inscription tees and a palazzo but actually make it look interesting?  Accessories ,you may say ,yes accessories are very germane but there’s more to it . You really need to know how to put these things together and it would actually come out nice .Alright Arike enough of the chitchat,where are the tips for creating STYLE RESOLUTIONS FOR 2019? Look no further, here they are my list of personal style resolutions for 2019.


One very important resolution that we all need to adopt this year is to invest in ourselves,what do I mean by this ? Invest in quality pieces,try giving yourself a limit of 2-3new items a month maybe ,and only quality made sustainably or ethically made items. It may take a bit of practice but eventually you will come to appreciate the less is more approach to shopping. Not so much budget this year? Don’t worry, buying thrift or vintage is a good way to find quality designer pieces. 


When picking out pieces make sure you have solid pieces that you can wear in a variety of scenarios. You want a wardrobe that will take you from work to  dinner without having too many pieces that are only for one type of occasion. For example ,a knee length skirt in a solid color is appropriate for work with a solid color on top but it would also work for brunch with friends  if you add few  accessories. 


It sounds obvious ,but it’s actually very easy to forget what’s sitting in your wardrobe ,and for many of us there would be great pieces hidden away that haven’t seen the light of the day for years,so just before you decide to buy something new make sure that you have a clear idea of the things that are in your wardrobe . If you have a clear out and declutter  you will know what’s in there and this would help in preventing you from buying things you don’t need .


Many of us are in the habit of throwing away some of our things as soon as they are damaged ,just because something is a little bit worn out doesn’t mean it should be discarded . Invest in the pieces that you already have  in your wardrobe. You’ll gain a lot by spending little in fixing those things rather than buying the same thing again and again.

That’s all I have for now guys. So I want you to absorb it, go forth and conquer your style goals for this year .


A woman with good shoes is never ugly.  They are the last touch of elegance -coco chanel 

A beautiful shoe is a work of art. Like most fashion and beauty items the shoes you wear can say a lot about who you are as a person. This month for the first time in years I wore a block heels. I’ve never owned one and for some reasons that I don’t know of I’ve never had the urge or felt like owning one because I’ve always been too comfortable with pencil  heels. 

Ever since this shoes came through from @desire1709fashion I fell in love with it instantly . The fact that the color is silver ,it’s an open toe shoe,it’s high yet very comfortable and ilhas  this very lovely design in front of it.  

If you’re not convinced that a block heel is right for you because you find them too short or clunky.  Consider the reasons mentioned below ;

Block heels can positively alter your appearance ,perhaps nothing is more important than the self confidence good footwear offers.  If you’re petite like me this shows can make you feel authoritative. Block heels make any outfit look  ether and make a woman look assertive which in turn makes her more confident                                                               . 2. YOUR BODY WILL THANK YOU;

Block heels gives your body support and stability and they help to improve your posture . Needless to say they are incredibly comfortable 


This heels brings instant Polish to any outfit.  You can freshen it up with a slit dress or denim or sharpen with tailored culottes.  Add to a simple monochrome ensemble or wear with a tench coat ,skirt and a shirt as seen in the picture above .


A beautiful block heels has the power to ennoble any clothing. Block heels come in so many designs and colors.  Sometimes all you need to make an outfit pop is a standout shoe. This shoes from @desire1709fashion are a perfect example.


Lastly, you can rock your block heels to every occasion and look absolutely amazing. 

So, guys let’s talk in the comment section 

Are you a lover of block heels or pencil heels? 


Hi,guys I hope you had an amazing week? Today the focus would be on a particular trend that I’ve lovedd and I’m still loving and it’s the “Wrap dress “. I’m sure you all are familiar with the wrap dress but if you aren’t, a wrap dress is a dress with a front closure formed by wrapping one side across the other, and knotting the attached ties that wrap around the back at the waist of fastening buttons. When I think of a wrap dress Diane Von Furstenberg comes to my mind . This is because she created the iconic wrap dress in 1974 .
    This particular wrap is from JERVCLOTHINGS . One of my favourite 
online store that sells very stylish and affordable clothing for all ages . This wrap dress has been a go-to of mine lately . It’s has stripes with floral pattern which makes me love it even more. I love wrap dresses because it requires little styling which makes it a great choice for a go to look. A go to look is comfortable and convenient when you’re in a hurry or when you’re too tired to pick together a while outfit. 


Currently writing  this blog post  in a BRT bus with my friend  ELPHEMO

    The wrap dress sort of does most of the styling. However you can spice it up a bit by adding accessories to either keeping it casual or making it more glam. You can also spice it up by adding stylish sneakers. A fancy slippers or sandals will give that resort vibe whilst a pair of heels will work for a night out . Do not forget to add a nice handbag to give it that finishing look.



    Coconut oil  is being heavily promoted as a healthy oil with benefit that includes support of heart health . I was gifted two bottles of coconut oil few months ago by @oilbyo ever since then a lot of change has occurred from my natural hair to skin


     One thing that hasn’t changed  for me is taking care of myself. Self care doesn’t have to be a full blast spa day, complete with a hostone massage ,facial deep tissue . I love skincare products ,especially all natural products. Taking care of your akin is definitely a form of self care. Last month @oibyo sent me two bottles of coconut oil from her all natural collection and I absolutely loved it plus, I have a very dry skin. Even though it was stressful getting it because I wasn’t available for the pick up.  When I finally received it I was eager to unbox and see what it looks like. So cute I received two bottles of  oil like I afro mentioned . Opening it was heavenly for me and the smell was amazing but not too overpowering.

    I used it for my body and and hair as you know am a member  of the natural hair gang  plus my hair isn’t soft. It kept my skin moisturised through out the day and hair soft and easy to comb. I would definitely recommend oilbyo  they are effective in keeping skin silky smooth and moisturised without being greasy .

    • You can follow them on instagram: @oilbyo


    Hello 21,

    Twenty was a great year,and I will always look back on my first year of my twenties as something very memorable.. It was one of the first year’s that I didn’t really set goals for myself for the year ahead,and I just took the year as it came.  Twenty allowed me to make the biggest life changing decisions. it was a year where I jumped well and truly out of  my comfort zone and into a new zone where I am honestly happy.

             I’m glad about this new age I’ve been able to set realistic goals for myself and also a realistic plan on how to achieve these goals. I didn’t want to do the usual “21 things I learnt in 21 years” so I decided to share 21 favourite pictures of mine below.


    1. 3.














    1.I’m a bit obsessive about cleanliness and personalization .                                                 

    2.I’m obsessed with Wilsons Lemonade

    3. I love the color brown SO much.  


    4.My favourite number is 7 since childhood.

    5.I find it extremely difficult to speak my mind .

    6.I don’t like people that typ like dis.

    7. I really watch movies

    8.I hate phone calls they make me nervous.

    9.I love God so much,his the reason for my existence reasons why I call him my best friend.

    10.And yeah I love being me.

    Do we have anything in common? Comment below let me know

    Currently listening to “This is me” by keala Settle.

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